Abdominal cancer child. Lanzkowsky's Manual of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology

Sarcoma cancer pediatric. Institute of Oncology Prof. Dr. Alexandru Trestioreanu, Romania

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The management of solid tumours is complex and includes chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy and, in high-risk cases, stem cell transplantation SCT. In transplant recipients OM can have long-term evolution, sometimes severe.

We analyzed the results of pediatric patients with solid tumours and HSCT treated in Fundeni Clinical Institute between January and October to sarcoma cancer pediatric the median duration of OM episode and grade of severity according to the numbers of procedures performed.

Criteria used to asess severity of OM were, according to WHO: Grade 1 — soreness ± erythema, Grade 2 — erythema, ulcers; patient can swallow solid food, Grade 3 — ulcers with extensive erythema; patient cannot swallow food, Grade 4 — mucositis to the extent that alimentation is not possible.

All patients performed prophylactic measurements to prevent OM : mouth cleansing with sodium bicarbonate solution, mouthwash with clorhexidine, oral sarcoma cancer pediatric with Gel X. All patients received antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal prophylaxis, parenteral nutrition and supportive treatment.

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All parents signed informed consent forms. We performed sarcoma cancer pediatric statistical analysis using chi square test. Patients were diagnosed, staged and received treatment according to international protocols. Distribution of patients according to oxiuri dupa zentel of OM is represented in Figure 1.

The median duration of OM in the first group was 6 days range 3 to 17 dayswhile in the second group was 13 days range 3 to 21 days. For the first group patients received pain sarcoma cancer pediatric for an average of 7 days, whereas for the second group the period increased to 13 days.

Sarcoma cancer pediatric. Sinonimele și antonimele sarcoma în dicționarul de sinonime Engleză

Also, for the second group we noticed sarcoma cancer pediatric engraftment period increased, along with the hospitalization and supportive measures. Patients with multiple courses of chemotherapy and with multiple hospitalizations presented increased infectious risk and during the second procedures developed various infectious complications.

Patients from both groups presented full recovery of oral mucositis by the time they were discharged. Conclusion All patients in our study have developed oral mucositis, though prohylaxis measurements have been used. We did not find corelations between the severity of OM and age or sex of patients.

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Published Apr 4. Staudenmaier, T. Support Care Cancer Seminars in oncology.

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