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    t virus cure

    The profiles were developed in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders including national TB programmes, civil society, partners, regulatory authorities and drug developers. The quest for shorter, affordable, safe and effective anti-TB regimens Despite progress in drug development, current regimens present several challenges to achieving cure, such as limited efficacy and tolerability of drugs t virus cure MDR-TB treatment, drug-drug interactions causing safety problems, complexity of treatment protocols for drug-sensitive and drug-resistant TB, and cost concerns.

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    Furthermore, the conventional drug development process is slow. The time is nearly doubled in length by the need for further clinical testing of regimens after constituent drugs have received regulatory approval. Prioritizing the needs of patients The target regimen profiles outline characteristics aimed to address needs of patients, such as pill burden, duration of treatment, toxicity t virus cure invasive drug safety monitoring.

    t virus cure

    In addition, the profiles address barriers in rolling out new drugs and regimens. Representatives of the stakeholders involved in the process expressed their support for the immediate use of these profiles. This can only be possible if we ensure that the design of TB regimens is patient-centric, thus tackling the root of the problem we face in getting patients to cure.

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    These target regimen profiles support regimen development rather than individual drug development.