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Gastric cancer hyponatremia


    gastric cancer hyponatremia

    Curr Health Sci Gastric cancer hyponatremia ; 45 2 : Article En MEDLINE ID: mdl Colorectal cancer CRC is considered a major global health concern due to an increasing number of new cases and cancer-related deaths each year, strong link to dietary habits prevalent in middle and high-income countries and limited therapeutic options especially preparate parazitare locally-advanced and metastatic settings.

    To counter this growing problem, the scientific community has strived to underpin the major molecular mechanisms behind the aggressive phenotype displayed by CRC and also develop new agents to selectively target and inhibit these core drivers.

    gastric cancer hyponatremia hpv e tumore

    This evolution has allowed the separation of patients according to different risk groups in concordance with epidemiological parameters alongside novel biomarkers such as gene alterations, protein overexpression and aberrant signaling pathways. In gastric cancer hyponatremia study we included 20 patients who underwent colonoscopy and were later received histopathologic confirmation of CRC.

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    The statistical anamnestic data obtained from the patients age, gender, home distribution, signs and symptoms was corroborated with the results obtained from the histopathologic and immunohistochemical analysis of the samples obtained via colonoscopy. The average age was

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