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Abdominal cancer mean

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The Romanian Society of Digestive Endoscopy proposed a multicentric study to evaluate the prevalence of gastric cancer in the adult population referred to gastroenterology medical services, and also the demographic features of this pathology. Abdominal cancer mean study was carried out over the period 1 January — 31 December in 11 academic centers in Romania, specialized in gastroenterology, with a uniform national distribution all areas in the country were represented and with adequate diagnostic and therapeutic facilities.

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All centers used identical definition criteria and reported the data using the same protocol and a Microsoft Excel database. During the study period, cases of gastric cancer were reported.

abdominal cancer mean

In the first stage, the prevalence in each geographical region was calculated. The national prevalence of gastric cancer in the population referred to gastro-intestinal endoscopy services was 2. The demographic data of the studied group were the following: Abdominal cancer mean most frequent indications for upper digestive endoscopy were: dyspepsia, weight loss and appetite.

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The majority of patients According to the Lauren classification, the most frequent histological type was intestinal adenocarcinoma Early gastric cancer was found in 4. The prevalence of gastric cancer in the population referred to digestive endoscopy services in Romania is 2. The study confirms the fact that Romania is a country with a low prevalence of gastric cancer, in accordance with the literature data published for the south of Europe.

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