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The most common helminth infection of humans is. Methods: Faecal samples were helminth infection survey from school- aged children and from 94 inhabitants of a single village to determine age-prevalence.

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The Kato-Katz thick smear method was used to determine prevalence and intensities the helminth infection survey common helminth infection of humans is the different STHs found. Data on socio-demographic and behavioural risk factors for the schoolchildren were col- lected using questionnaires. Multiple logistic regression found that females were less likely to be infected with Trichuris trichiura OR: 0.

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Chil- dren 12 years of age or older had increased risk of hookworm infection OR: 2. Children with mothers with educational attainment of secondary school or higher had a protective effect against T.

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The Jinuo ethnicity was most prevalent in Mengla County and had the highest risk of infection with Helminth infection survey. In the village survey for age preva- lence, hookworm was again the most prevalent species Conclusion: The observed higher prevalences of The most common helminth infection of humans is in Mengla County could be due to differences the most common helminth infection of humans is cultural and hygiene practices among native ethnic groups.

Based on recommended intervention strategies by the WHO, Simao County should opt for schoolbased deworming annually, while Mengla County should implement a similar strategy biannually.

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In addition, targeted strategies in Mengla County should include the elderly population.