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Radiotherapy RT is an important treatment for breast cancer, but sometimes there is a minimal locoregional benefit for some patients and no survival benefit for others.

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Radiotherapists should take into consideration to minimize infectious risk without compromising oncologic outcomes. Radiotherapist should take into consideration omitting RT whenever appropriate, delaying cancer professional societies abbrevia­ting RT whenever appropriate.

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Omit RT for patients 65 years old and over or younger, with relevant comorbidities, with invasive breast cancer that are up to 30 mm with clear margins, Goestrogen receptor [ER] positive, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 [HER2] negative and node ne­ga­tive, who are planned for treatment with endocrine the­ra­py Deliver RT invazia pulmonară 5 fractions for all patients requiring RT with node negative tumours that do not require a boost.

An example of a significant risk factor is the presence of involved resection margins where further surgery is not possible. Any boost should be either simultaneous and integrated to minimize fractions if resource permits or hypofractionated sequential — e.

cancer professional societies

Nodal RT can be omitted in postmenopausal women requiring whole breast RT following sentinel lymph node biopsy and primary surgery for T1, ER positive, HER2-negative G tumours with 1e2 macrometastases The use of moderate hypofractionation is already the standard of care in many countries and in the altered risk benefit context of a pandemic should be strongly considered in patients with breast reconstruction There were reported some strategies recommended for patients who are diagnosed with COVID whilst on radiotherapy: convert remaining dose to hypofractioned regimens, minimize radiotherapy treatment break during infection treatment and recommence RT only after respiratory symptoms are resumed, with a multidisciplinary input.

Endocrine therapy for hormone receptor positive, HER2-negative or positive breast cancer, anti-HER2 therapy for HER2-positive breast cancer, che­mo­therapy for triple cancer professional societies disease or advanced disease or neoadjuvant treatment or metastatic endocrine resistant.

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Endocrine therapy ET for hormone receptor positive breast cancer Numerous endocrine agents are available for the treatment of hormone receptor positive breast cancer: estrogens, androgens, progestins, antiestrogens selective estrogen receptor modulators [SERMs] and selective estrogen receptor cancer professional societies [SERDs]aromatase inhibitors, gonadotropin-releasing hormone GnRH analogs, antiprogestins and antiandrogens.

There are three main ways in which hormone therapy is used to treat hormone-sensitive breast cancer: adjuvant therapy for early-stage breast cancer 25treatment of advanced or metastatic breast cancer 26neoadjuvant treatment of breast cancer Adjuvant ET options in postmenopausal women include tamoxifen and aromatase inhibitors AI.

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Aromatase inhibitors result cancer professional societies better disease-free survival DFSbut no overall survival OS clinical meaningful with a different safety profile.

Premenopausal patients may be treated with tamoxifen alone or an association of ovarian suppression function OSF with tamoxifen or an aromatase inhibitor. CPBCC supports that LHRH agonists may be cancer professional societies with long acting, every 3 month dosing, to reduce patient visits or, alternatively, home administration of LHRH agonists by patient or visiting nursing may be considered in adjuvant or metastatic setting e.

cancer professional societies

Cancer professional societies. Cancer professional societies

Fulvestrant should have no effect on immune function, but requires monthly clinical administration. Neoadjuvant endocrine therapy according to CPBCC B prioritybased on randomized trials, and preoperative treatment with an aromatase inhibitor may offer clinical benefit over tamoxifen in postmenopausal women For premenopausal women, LHRH agonists should be used, and aromatase inhibitors are preferred over tamoxifen.

Home administration of LHRH agonists by patient or visiting nurse may be considered where this is an option.

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For symptomatic and asymptomatic infected breast cancer patients who receive treatments for SARS-CoV-2 infection, drug-drug interactions should be taken into consideration There could be used remdesivir compassionate useRoActemra® tocilizumab in severe forms. There are highly likelihood significant or life-threate­ning interactions between ritonavir and tamoxifen or anastrozole, and it is recommended to use alternative drugs due to increase in QTc interval and the risk of torsades de pointes.

cancer professional societies

When we use exemestane with lopinavir, there is a recommendation for monitorization, due to increasing levels of exemestane and to an increased risk of fatigue, hypertension and nausea. Letrozol levels are also increased by lopinavir and there is an increased risk of back pain and bone pain. There are no interactions between fulvestrant and Kaletra®.

Tamiflu® does not interact with any of the endocrine treatment used in breast cancer.

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The levels of active metabolite of tamoxifen can be reduced when taken concomitantly with hydroxycloroquine and there is a trend of increase in transaminase levels. There is no interaction between any aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant and Plaquenil®.

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The levels of exemestane and letrozole could be slightly decreased by methylprednisolone. The association of methylprednisolone and anastrozole can lead to the increase of immunosuppression and fluid-electrolyte disturbances, due to increased levels of methylprednisolone.

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There are no drug-drug interactions between fulvestrant and methylprednisolone. No interactions between fulvestrant, anastrozole and tocilizumab have been reported We should be cautious when recommending to our patients to continue endocrine therapy if they are on treatment for SARS-CoV-2 infection, but we must keep in mind also the results reported by Group Trial on the impact of DFS on endocrine treatment adherence.